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MAY 28 READINGS...Proverbs 5:1-7:27

In today’s readings Solomon tries to impart great wisdom to his sons (one has to wonder why Solomon did not heed his own advice). He warns his son(s) about the dangers of an immoral woman...and certainly this advice could be used as a warning against the immoral men. Everything looks better in someone else’s vineyard. The enticing nature of those who are immoral and evil is a deception and will only lead to trouble, and maybe even death. Solomon also warns against putting up security for someone else’s debt. It is a trap which makes you just as responsible for the debt as the one who took it you get all the debt without any benefit of the money. Those who are sluggards will always find themselves in debt...and they have no problem dragging others into their misery. We are to learn the lesson from the ant...who labor hard in the summer, so they will have plenty in the winter. Paul in the New Testament says...”If a person won’t work, neither shall they eat.” There is a clear difference between genuine charity for those who cannot work, and enabling the sluggard who will not work.

Solomon wanted his children to know and understand that there are worthless and wicked people in this world. He tells them that they are known through their constant lying...they like to tell you one thing, but the wink behind your back in their deceit. They have perverted hearts that plot evil...and they are the kind that always stirs up trouble. Solomon reminds us of the seven things that the Lord detests...haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness, and a person who sows discord. If the Lord detests these things, then we also should detest them. Yet these very things seem to attract us, rather than becoming detestable to us. Just look at our can we enjoy that which the Lord detests?

Please share your thoughts from the writings of Solomon today. Follow these great words of wisdom. Remember it is not enough to know the...we must apply them.

TOMORROW’S READINGS...Proverbs 8:1-10:32

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