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Paul continues his defense before the Sanhedrin. Remember there was a time when Paul was Saul, and he was a member of this same religious body. Not only that, he also persecuted and killed followers of Jesus at the command of the Sanhedrin. As Paul was speaking Ananias, the high priest, who was also there when Jesus was tried by the Sanhedrin, had Paul slapped for what he was saying. When Paul rebuked him, and then found out that he was the high priest, he apologized for violating Scripture and speaking evil of the ruler of the people. Paul then appealed to the other Pharisees in the group, by speaking of the resurrection (which the Pharisees believed in, but the Sadducees did not). This split the Sanhedrin, and caused Paul to be attack…so the commander fearing for Paul took him to the barracks. That night the Lord stood beside Paul and comforted him by saying that he would testify of Jesus in Rome the way he had testified of Him in Jerusalem. This guaranteed that no matter what the plot against Paul’s life was, he would make it to Rome to speak about the Lord.

There was a plot to kill Paul, some even took a vow that they would not eat or drink until Paul was dead. (one of the first examples of “virtue signaling”, meaning…all about appearance with no substance). They plotted to kill him on the road from Jerusalem to Caesarea. Paul’s nephew heard of the plot and told the commander of the Roman guard. The commander put together a group of 200 soldiers to guard Paul all the way to Caesarea to the governor Felix. The commander sent a letter of explanation along with those guarding Paul. The group left at night without informing the religious leaders in Jerusalem. Felix received Paul and the letter and agreed to hear Paul when his accusers arrived. God’s hand was on Paul and nothing was going to happen to him any sooner than God would allow. God’s hand is upon you and me…nothing will ever happen to us any sooner than God allows.

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