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Don’t lose sight of what is really important. We live in days of great trouble and if we are not careful the devil will tempt us to be distracted over things that are not that important in the great scheme of things. Two of Jesus’ disciples were distracted by Satan. Judas carried out his zealot agenda to the place that he willingly betrayed Jesus to the authorities, who then crucified Him. Judas listened and gave his heart over to Satan in a convoluted plan to somehow force Jesus into leading the insurrection against Rome. Satan is waiting an opening to distract and tempt the followers of Jesus to take their eyes off the Lord, and put them either on self or on to some earthly agenda. The agenda might be “good”, “important”, or even “noble” …but we Christians are called to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Peter was the other disciple that Satan tempted to focus on self rather than the Lord. Jesus actually warned Peter that Satan had asked to sift him like wheat…but Jesus told Peter that He would restore him. Peter was confronted three times about being a follower of Jesus, and for his own personal safety he denied Jesus three times. Let me encourage both you and myself to be aware and careful to not let the devil tempt us to take our eyes off of Jesus and put them on ourselves or on some temporary earthly agenda. Trouble in church happens when we make it about ourselves, our ego, or our agenda. In the body of Christ, it should only be about Him, His glory, and His agenda. Pray for each other that we will focus on Jesus in these days of great trouble…if we don’t, we will fall away like Judas and Peter did.

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