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52 Week Reading Plan

What To Expect At Our 52 Week New Testament Reading Plan

We will read Monday through Friday, and on the weekends, we’ll reflect and meditate on what we have read during the week. This will allow us to read fewer verses daily while looking deeper into what we have read.

We will be posting the monthly reading schedule on our website, Facebook, and thru email. We will also have paper copies for you in the foyer. 

You will have read through the New Testament at the end of the year. You are encouraged to keep a personal journal of what you read and what the Lord is saying to you through His Word. Pastor will also write a daily synopsis/devotion to go with the daily readings.

We hope you will join us in 2024 as we read through the New Testament... if there has ever been a time that God's people need to be in His Word daily, it is now!

We look forward to serving your family at CFCFH! Please feel free to contact us with any questions! God Bless you!

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