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JULY 13 READINGS...Psalm 120-121 &123 & 125-126

Today’s readings in Psalm consists of five very short Psalms. I believe a key verse in today’s reading is Psalm 121:1-2… “I look up to the mountains—does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!” All of our Psalms today remind us of our great need for God…and share with us the fact that our God is there for everything we need.

Hear the words of the psalmist as he expresses our desperate need for the Lord. We need the Lord for all of our troubles. We are surrounded by liars…so we need His rescue. When we are alone in our suffering, a long way from home…we need the Lord. When we are just tired of living among an ungodly and hateful people…when we need peace in our lives, we need the Lord. When we need help in all things…when we stumble…when we come and when we go, we need the Lord. When we need mercy…when we become exhausted by the boasting of the proud surrounding us, we need the Lord. When we are ruled by the wicked…and when crooked people run our society, we need the Lord. When we have been wandering in exile away from God in our disobedience…when we need renewal, we need the Lord.

Now hear the promises of God the psalmist shares in our time of great need. God answers our prayers…and He rescues us as we call out to Him. He punishes the wicked…and He gives us peace that the world cannot have or give. He is our Helper…He is able, because He is the Maker of heaven and earth. He watches over us…He misses nothing, because He does not slumber. The Lord keeps us from all harm. He is the God enthroned in heaven…He is our security…and we are encompassed in His protection. He sets us free from bondage and brings us back from exile. The Lord has done, and is doing, amazing things for us…for though we plant in tears, we will harvest with shouts of joy. What a great, mighty, loving, compassionate, and protective God we have.

Please share any thoughts you might have. Recognize that we all desperately need God…but He is never far from any of us, and He is more than able to do everything for us the we need.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Psalm 128-130 & 132 & 134-135

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