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JANUARY 22 READINGS…Job 12:1-14:22.

Today’s reading reveals much to us about Job. Job clearly knew the Lord. Many of his statements demonstrate the Lord has given him understanding of many truths about God. God is in control…and God is sovereign. Which means that God does not answer to anyone concerning what He does. Who can judge God? Who can tell God that what He is doing, or allowing, is not fair or right? Job knew deep within His heart that he had not sinned against God…yet his “friends” are confident that all the things Job is going through is a result of his sin. They all have been preaching to him…when they need to be loving on him. Our theology is meaningless if they it does not move us to love one another, and meet each other’s needs like Jesus did.

Job was an honest man…he was a man of integrity. This was true of his dealings with other men, and this was true of his dealings with God. He felt abandoned of God, and he sincerely wanted to know why. He could not understand why God had brought this upon him…though he acknowledges that God can do what He wants to do…and who can challenge Him, or judge Him. But Job wanted to have the opportunity to plead his case…and even in doing so he declares that only by the grace and permission of God could he do that. I have long felt that we believers have a habit of dishonesty with God…and I also believe that what God wants from us is honesty and genuineness. One thing about Job that we can all learn is to fear and honor God, and at the same time always approach Him with intergrity.

Please share your thoughts. I know Job can get tedious, but hang in there with your readings…the Holy Spirit is teaching us so much. Be blessed as you read.




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