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Jesus does some incredible miracles in our reading today. First, we are told that He is teaching on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and there as many as 5000 people there. His teaching goes into the evening and the people are getting hungry…and there is not food. Then they find five loaves and two fish. Jesus prays over the little bit of food, and then has the disciples begin to serve the people. When everyone was full, they gathered twelve baskets full of food left over. This tells us some important things about Jesus. First, He is concerned about our physical well-being. Second, that He has power over physical things. Third, that He is able to take a little and make it much, with more than He started with left over. We need to get this into our hearts and minds. Jesus takes little (us), He touches us, and we become more than we ever could on our own. The next miracle we see Jesus do in this chapter happens after the event of feeding the 5000. His disciples are on the sea in a boat, and as it often did, the wind comes up and begins to toss the boat around. Early in the morning hours Jesus, who did not go with the disciples, came toward them in the boat, walking on the water. The disciples thought it was a ghost, until Jesus spoke to them. When Peter sees Jesus walking on the water he asks Jesus if he could walk out to Him. Jesus tells him to come, immediately Peter gets out of the boat, and walks on the water until he takes his eyes of Jesus and begins to sink. Notice it was only Peter who got out of the boat…there are those who would criticize Peter for not having the faith and sinking…but these critics are still in the boat (think about it). Peter calls out to Jesus, “Lord, save me!” Jesus takes him by the hand and raises him up on the water and they both get in the boat. Once again Jesus reveals Himself as God who has power over natural laws for Himself and for others. I would also remind everyone that when we follow Jesus it will be a journey into the supernatural…that is where Jesus dwells…and that supernatural journey will always touch our natural world, that is where the Lord works. The other thing is the truth of how simply wonderful it is to receive the Lord’s salvation…from a heart of acknowledging two things…I can’t save myself, and only Jesus can save me…we call out to Jesus, “Lord save me!” And He will.

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