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Where do you place your confidence? Far too many Christians put more confidence in their own flesh than they do the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that most churches can do what they do even without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit…as a matter of fact they actually do it by their own strength, resources, and resources. Paul gives warning to the church at Philippi, and to us, that we are to put no confidence in the flesh. The essence of religion is to trust in the flesh, while the essence of biblical Christianity is to be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. In Paul’s day it was those who had a Jewish background teaching the requirement of circumcision in order to be right with God. Paul says that if that was the way to be right with God, he would not have needed to come to Christ. He was the religionist of all religionists. Listen, legalism or man-made religion, negates the need for Jesus. The problem is that religion cannot save, so those who have bought into this remain separated from God. The are convinced they are right, but their confidence in their religion will cause them to miss God.

Paul reminds us that our faith is a journey, not just a destination. To be sure, our biblical faith leads to a wonderful destination, but for right now we are to be growing, learning, and daily becoming more like our Savior. In this journey we are to continually look ahead to what Christ has for us. Though we can remember what God has done in our past…we cannot remain in the past, nor can we return to the past. God’s plan for each of us His high calling that we find in Christ Jesus. I would remind you all that even the journey is a gift from God. It is the carnal that set their minds on earthly things. We are called know our citizenship is in heaven. We are to be heavenly minded, not earthly minded. It is a falsehood to buy into the old cliché, “So heavenly minded that they are no earthly good”. Truth is that it is only when we are heavenly minded that we are any good in this world. The world does not need more of the same earthly tripe…the world needs that which comes from the throne of God!

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