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In the church of Thessalonica there were those who were saying that Jesus had already returned. Paul makes it clear in verse 1 that he is talking about the return of the Lord to gather his church. The church knew this truth…and they were worried by the teachings of the fear mongers, that the Lord had come and they had missed it. Literally, they had been left behind. Paul wanted to set the record straight for them, and in doing so he has given us information concerning the coming of Jesus for His church…and Him gathering us to Himself. Jesus says that there must be a falling away…an apostasy. Also, the man of sin, (the Antichrist), would be revealed…he is the son of perdition (destruction). He will exalt himself above God…sit in the temple of God…and actually declare himself to be “God”. The Holy Spirit in the church is restraining the coming of the Antichrist…but the day will come when the church shall be caught up, and literally all hell will break loose here on the earth. Antichrist will come deceiving people with false power, signs, and lying wonders. His purpose is to deceive those left on the earth…sadly they will believe him, for God will send them a strong delusion so that they would believe the lies of the Antichrist. These who follow the Antichrist are condemned already, unable to be saved…and like these who are condemned, the Antichrist is headed for his own condemnation.

Paul makes sure to remind we who belong to the Lord are headed for salvation, and in the time we are here the Holy Spirit will continue to work toward our sanctification. We have been saved, and we get to experience the glory of Jesus Christ which comes from God. We are then encouraged as we live in these difficult days, that seem to be getting darker all the time, to remain steadfast, and hold on to the truths we have received from God’s Word. For we have everlasting consolation and hope by the grace of God. May we all walk in the comfort our hearts and strengthen us in every good word and work.

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