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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

OCTOBER 7, 2021 READINGS... Mark 5:1-20 & Matthew 8:2834 & Luke 8:26-39 &

Mark 5:21-43 & Matthew 9:18-26 & Luke 8:40-56

In today’s readings we have Jesus doing three incredible miracles. Let me say this at this point. When someone tells you that they cannot believe in miracles because they cannot be scientifically proven, or that they claim to do something more than natural law allows. Tell them, “Now you are getting it”. A miracle by definition is beyond natural law and science…if it is the result of natural law or can be reproduced in a scientific setting…then it is not a miracle. God is not bound by His own natural laws…He sits above them. We are restricted by natural laws, and it is only when God steps into our situation and does beyond what natural law can explain that we have a miracle.

The first miracle we read about today is when Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee and entered the area of the Gerasenes. This is an interesting area of the area of the Galilee. We all know that pigs are unclean, yet in this area there was clearly pig farms. This would not be a legitimate area for an observant Jew to be in, and certainly they would not have eaten any of the meat from the pork. Matthew tells us there were two men possessed by demons, while Mark and Luke only list one man. This is not a conflict, but like any rendering of an event there are variations…these variations do not assault the validity of the event being told. This man was given incredible strength by the legion of demons that possessed him. So much so that he was even able to break chains. When Jesus confronted the demons, they begged Him not to send them into the abyss. They asked Him to send them into the pack of pigs. I hope you notice that these demons understood the Lord’s authority over them. Jesus sent the demons into the pigs… the pigs went crazy…you see even unclean pigs can’t stand demons…they ran into the sea and drown. The man was set free from his possession, and began testifying of the great thing that Jesus had done for him.

The Lord returns to the opposite side of the Sea of Galilee. He is approached by a leader of the local synagogue name Jarius. Jarius’ daughter was gravely ill, and he begged Jesus to come and heal her. On the way to Jarius’ house there was a woman in the crowd who had an issue of blood for twelve years…again, this woman remained in an unclean state for twelve years. She had been abused and cheated by the doctors. She thought if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she could be healed. What a demonstration of faith. She touched Jesus’ garment and immediately she was healed by the power of God. Jesus knew what had happened and He gave her opportunity to testify what the Lord had done for her. The news came that Jarius’ daughter had died, but that did not deter Jesus. He arrived at the home and said, “she is not dead, but only sleeps”. Of course, they laughed at him. But He and his disciples, along with the girl’s parents went into her room and Jesus raised her up from her death bed. We have a miracle working God. Hopefully, He has done a miracle in your life, as you have trusted Him, and He has taken you from being spiritually dead, and given you everlasting life.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Matthew 9:27-34 & Mark 6:1-6 & Matthew 9:35-38 &

Mark 6:7-13 & Matthew 10:1-42 & Luke 9:1-6

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