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OCTOBER 29, 2021 READINGS... Mark 14:1-2 & Matthew 26:1-5 & Luke 22:1-2 &

Mark 14:10-11 & Matthew 26:14-16 & Luke 22:3-6 & Mark 14:12-16 & Matthew 26:17-9 & Luke 22:7-13 & John 13:1-17 & Mark 14:17-26 & Matthew 26:20-30 & Luke 22:14-30 &

John 13:18-30

We move into the time of Passover, and to the time of Jesus’ passion, as we move closer to the cross. The Jewish religious leaders have it in their heart to kill Jesus. At this point it is not in their minds how they would fully accomplish this, but the Old Testament prophecy in Psalm 22 tells us all about it (take a few minutes and read it…incredibly it was written 1000 years before it happens to Jesus). The religious leaders find in Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, a willing accomplice…and for 30 pieces of silver Judas agrees to turn Jesus over to them. Later as Jesus meets with His disciples, He points out Judas as the betrayer. Jesus knew everything that Judas had done, and what he was going to do. Jesus sends Judas out to do what was in his heart to do…as he was listening to Satan, rather than to his master.

Jesus then meets with the rest of His disciples. Jesus has them secure a place to meet to have the Passover meal. Jesus does something incredible for these men to demonstrate true servant leadership…He washes their feet. Christ has called His followers to serve one another…and not to desire to be served. Who are you serving? Is being in the church about you serving, or about your desire to be served? We better check ourselves out in this. They share the meal, and at the end Jesus brings in a new meal, the last supper, and further teachings for His disciples and for us. He took bread, and told them that the piece of bread represents His body…which was broken for us. Then He took the cup, and said the cup represents His blood which was spilt for us. These things speak of the death of Jesus for us. He became the substitutionary Atonement for we sinners. He gave His body and spilt His blood so that our sins would be paid for…we would not die in our sins and be separated from God for eternity. I hope and pray that you each have trusted Jesus…for the biblical truth is without the shedding of the blood of Christ there is no forgiveness of sin…and if we do not trust in Him and His work on the cross we are not covered by His blood.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… John 13:31-38 & Mark 14:27-31 & Matthew 26:31-35 &

Luke 22:31-38 & John 14:1-15:17

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