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JUNE 4 READINGS...Song of Songs 1:1-8:14

Well after today’s reading I am at a loss for a lot of words...who would have thought? As you read this eight chapter book most scholars look at it as an allegorical and poetic message of God’s love for Israel and Christ’s love for the church. Others just see it as a group of secular love poems between Solomon and one of his wives.

There are some truths expressed in his book to consider. First, human love is limited and will let us down...God’s love for us will never fail. Second, we see that true love is protective...for us Jesus shelters us with the power of His unfailing love. We ought to protect our special one that we love in that way. Third, true love is worth waiting...don’t just settle, and don’t give your love away. The phrase...”do not waken love until the time is right” used several times in this book. Finally, true love never fails...once again only the Lord loves perfectly, in Him we too can love as He calls us to love.

Please share any insight that you might have from this particular book. May we all walk and live in the perfect love of Christ.

TOMORROW’S READING...1 Kings 11:1-43 & 2 Chronicles 9:29-31 & Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

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