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JUNE 28 READINGS...Isaiah 28:1-29 &2 Kings 17:5 & 2 Kings 18:10-12 & 2 Kings 17:6-41 & Isaiah 1:1-20

Today’s reading brings us to the end of the northern kingdom of Israel…Hoshea would be their last king. Isaiah, one more time tries to call them back to God, but they would not…Samaria will fall. Isaiah reminds them of the Covenant God made with David when He tells them, “God offers a place of rest, a place for the weary, a place of quiet rest”…but they would not listen, but rather they continued in disobedience and rebellion. The Lord even tells them that He has a plan for them…one where He would send to them a stable cornerstone, that if they believed they would not be shaken…the promise of Messiah. Once again, they refused to listen, and continued in their sin. God sent the Assyrian army to come against Samaria, and in three years the army took the city and the northern kingdom…they took the Israelites into captivity and replaced them in the land with foreigners. One must ask, “for what reasons did Israel fall?” The Scriptures tells us…they worshiped other gods…they followed the practices of the pagan nations, rather than the ways of God…they had done many secret evils against the Lord…and they worshiped idols…they brought God’s judgment on themselves. It’s time to wake up church! Its time wake up America! Judgement is only a moment away!

With the fall of Israel Isaiah concentrates his ministry of prophecy on the southern kingdom of Judah. One would think after Judah saw what had happened to Israel they would turn back to the Lord. Sadly, even under a good king like Hezekiah, they refused to hear the words of the Lord and return to Him. They had the prophets, but they refuse to heed their messages. They had lost sight of who God was…Isaiah said that even a donkey knows its owner, but these people do not know their Master. What is the Lord’s charge against Judah? He said He was tired of their worthless and polluted burnt and blood offerings…their meaningless gifts and celebrations…He told them to stop bringing their incense and prayers, for they disgust Him…and though they offer many prayers, He would not listen to them. Even in all this, once again, the Lord offers them redemption…the same thing He offers us. He calls His people to be clean, to remove sins from our lives, and to give up our evil ways. Then He calls us do good, seek justice, help the oppressed, take care of the orphans and widows. We have a choice to make we can come to Him, and our sins which are as red as scarlet will be made white as snow. Or we can reject Him and we will be devoured in our sin, by our enemies. Hear the Word of The Lord!

Please share your thoughts and insights from today’s readings, especially where you see similarities between Israel/Judah and the church and our nation. Stay the course my brothers and sisters…for when judgment comes you will want to be in the Lord!

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Isaiah 1:21-5:30

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