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As we begin to read through the book of Romans, I encourage you to read each chapter with “the righteousness of God” as your perspective in reading this epistle. Paul deals with many issues in this book, but each one is dealt with from his concern that we understand that God is righteous. Of course, when we look at the righteousness of God, we will always see the unrighteousness of mankind. Sin is revealed by our unrighteousness, and our need for a Savior is made evident because of our sin.

Paul begins this book by speaking of the promise of God given to us through His Son Jesus. Paul desires for all people to know the grace of God through Jesus, the same way that he does. He declares himself a debtor to Jew and Gentile alike. He declares that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it IS the power of God for salvation for all people…and it matters not whether they be Jew or Gentile. This statement got Paul into a lot of trouble with the Jewish religious “dead-heads” of his day…but it is God’s truth.

Then in this chapter Paul deals with the reason for God’s wrath being poured out on mankind. It is because of their unrighteousness and ungodliness, that has resulted because they have rejected the absolute truth that comes from God. Mankind innately knows that God exists, innately knows that truth and righteousness is absolute and comes from God…yet they have rejected God, His truth, and have replaced this knowledge and worship of God with idolatry in worshiping the creation. God has therefore given these humans over to their own lusts, to vile passions, and to a debased mind. This leads to every kind of ungodly conduct, including unnatural affections, with the desire of women to be for other women…and the desire of men for men…contrary to the righteousness of God. Our sinfulness, our unnatural sexual desires, our rejection of God’s truth makes us deserving of death. This echoes what Paul will say in the third chapter of this book…”The wages of sin is death”.

Please share your thoughts on today’s reading.


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