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It is easier for people to attempt to create a god in the image they want him to be, than to believe in the one true and living God of the Bible. They do this because it allows them to live anyway they want with impunity. They do not want to believe that one day they will stand before a holy and righteous God, and be judged by Him for what they did with their life. They would rather deceive themselves and others that God accepts them in their sin and disobedience, in their unbelief of Jesus as Savior, and of their rejection of the Holy Spirit. Paul makes it clear in our reading that God is a God of forgiveness, but He is also a God who will one day judge everyone of us. God will judge us according to the truth…not your truth, or my truth…but THE truth. God will look at the works of our lives and judge us accordingly. If those works do not flow out of a relationship with God through Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit…we will stand condemned. For God will only accept that which is holy and righteous. God is not looking for human self-righteousness…for we have none. Righteous can only be imputed to us through faith in Jesus. Here is what we must know…God will judge impartially. God will not judge according to a “bell curve”. No one has a leg up, nor will anyone because of their earthly standing, have an advantage over someone else. God is not a respecter of persons…His judgement for all will be according to the truth, according to whether we have trusted in Jesus, and will impartiality. Some might say, “Well I will just keep the law of God and I will be right with God”. One problem…neither you nor I can keep the law of God perfectly, so the law does not save us, but condemns us. Only Jesus could, and did, keep the law perfectly. That is why He was able to die in our place, that is why He could overcome the penalty of sin, death. That is why we must put our trust in Him alone if we would be free of all condemnation and stand in His righteousness before God.

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