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Paul speaks to the church at Rome and to us. His great declaration needs to be ours also…” I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” Why? He answers…” It is the power of God for salvation, for all who believe, to the Jews first and also for the Gentiles”. The Gospel of Jesus is crucial, it is vital, if a person wants to know salvation and experience eternal life. It’s not about what we do alone…it’s about the grace of God…God’s free gift of salvation to all who believe in His Son, the Lord Jesus. The rest of chapter 1 deals with what happens when people reject God, and instead worship the creation. What does this look like? The primary worship of the creation is found in self-worship. We humans are inclined to replace God with ourselves…we attempt to sit on a throne that is not ours, and to attribute to ourselves that which only belongs to God. We see the worship of creation in the radical environmental movement…where people attribute deity to even lifeless objects like trees, rocks, or the earth itself. Some even deify animals. Paul tells us the result of mankind rejecting God and worshipping the creation is that God has handed them over to a reprobate mind. Mankind has become filled with lust and with unnatural affection towards the creative order. Homosexuality is the result of this debase mind. And today we see this to the extreme as the norm has become a total rejection of God as the Creator, as delusional people declare they are not what they are biologically. Men claiming to be women, women claiming to be men, people even claiming to be neither…there are even people who claim to be different species of animals. This is the results of debase minds that have rejected God. But Paul takes it one step further, for there are not only these delusional individuals, but there are groups in society and even the church that celebrate and encourage this dysphoria. There is truth…it can only be found in a relationship with God, one where we recognize that God is the Creator, and He alone is the one who determines who we are.

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