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There are things that the Scripture defines as sin, these things are always sin, because they are in direct conflict with God and what He has declared to be acceptable conduct. We live in a time when people/religions are moving toward relativism…that is there are things that were once sins that are no longer sins. Our society has deemed some things acceptable, and even cause for celebration, that God has declared to be sin…regardless of what society says, if God declares it sin, it’s sin. In Romans 14 Paul deals with what he calls doubtful things, that is things that are not declared sin, but they could cause harm. The dietary laws from the Old Testament fall into this category. We are not required to keep these laws, but for some not keeping them is a problem. If I know this to be true of another brother or sister in Christ, I must refrain for eating these things in their presence as it might cause them harm in their walk. The matter of special days being observed is another one. Some hold particular days as being special, while others believe that every day is special…for all days belong to the Lord. We are to live unto the Lord in how we are convicted of these things, but we are also to consider other believers if our conduct in these doubtful things could bring them harm or cause them to stumble. We do not live only unto ourselves…we are part of the body, and our conduct always ought to consider its impact on others. Christ has made all things clean for the believer, and Jesus is our Sabbath…but as people are growing in their faith and they struggle with these things we must care for them and encourage them with our words and deeds, being careful to not discourage them. We should never intentionally cause another believer to stumble in their faith…we are here to build each other up in Christ Jesus.

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