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JANUARY 4, 2022 READING... Matthew 2

Matthew continues the narrative that surrounds the advent of Jesus Christ. Some put the events of chapter 2 up to two years after the actually birth of Christ. You will notice that by the time the Wise Men arrived Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are no longer in the manger, but in a home. The Magi are only mentioned by Matthew, along with the response given by King Herod. This again emphasizes the purpose of Matthew’s writing…that of emphasizing the Kingship of Jesus. Herod seeks the religious leaders as to where the Messiah was to be born, then he lies to the Wise Men about his intentions toward the promised King. Here is a great place to point out to those who see a conflict between Matthew’s gospel and Luke’s. There is no conflict…Luke actually deals with the birth narrative, while Matthew deals will sometime after the birth of Jesus. Luke’s point is the birth…Matthew’s point is the early life, ie. first few years.

The angel of the Lord appeared again to Joseph and instructed him to flee to Egypt for the safety Jesus, and Joseph’s family. They went to Egypt until the time of Herod’s death, then Joseph took Jesus, who was a young boy, and Mary and returned to Nazareth. The wrath of Herod after Joseph’s departure to Egypt caused him to slaughter all male children in Bethlehem under two years of age. We see here that Satan is a murderer of the innocent…he always has been, he always will be. Satan has his demonized servants, like Herod, to carry out his diabolical deeds. Much like the abortionists in our day. Both Matthew and Luke have Joseph and his family returning to Nazareth. But once again, while Matthew focuses on the reaction of royalty and God’s protection…Luke deals with the events closer to the birth of Jesus, and makes no mention of the flight to Egypt or Herod’s reaction. Our reading today closes with an affirmation of prophecy…as we saw that the place of Jesus’ birth was prophesied by the prophet Micah, now we see the place that He would be raised, and what He would be called, was prophesied by both David in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53:3…that is a “Nazarene” as a term of derision and a distasteful person.

Please share any thoughts you have from today’s reading.


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