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The teaching Jesus gives us in our reading today can be the hardest to apply in our lives. The principles are easy to understand, but the rub comes for us in the application. It is so hard for us to follow the Lord’s instruction in these things. Jesus calls us to humility. Our pride makes it very difficult to be people of true humility. We are called to humble ourselves before the Lord, and before one another. Humility requires that we put others before ourselves. Biblical humility is not thinking too much of ourselves…that’s conceit; nor is it thinking too little of ourselves…that’s self-pity; humility is not thinking of ourselves at all. This is impossible to do on our own, and especially in this “me centered” world. Only the Holy Spirit can bring us to this point. Jesus then tells us to care about the individual who has strayed away…those in the flock are safe, it is those out on their own, for whatever reason, who need to be rescued. Then Jesus teaches us about the inner-personal relationships we have with one another. Wherever two or more people get together there is the potential, if not the certainty, of someone being offended or hurt. Jesus tells us how to deal with this…it is not to be ignored, but dealt with, according to the Lord’s instruction in this passage. But, what if we are hurt? What should our reaction be? Well, Jesus has already dealt in this passage with holding the offender accountable for their actions. But, on a personal level, Jesus tells us that we are required to forgive. Again, what if they don’t want forgiveness, or refuse to recognize that they done wrong? Jesus said to forgive them anyway. When you and I forgive someone for the hurt they have done to us, this is not saying we condone what they have done…but this frees us to love others wholeheartedly, and not be held bondage by unforgiveness.

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