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JANUARY 18 READINGS…Genesis 47:28-50:26

Today we finish the book of Genesis. Just think about it…you did it! For many this is the first time they have read through an entire book of the Bible. This is just the beginning of this glorious journey. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

There are two things I want to share in today’s devotional. First, as Jacob approaches his death you read that he gathered his sons for a final word over them. Some call this a final blessing, though I am not so sure everything that Jacob said over his sons would fall into the category of a blessing. The two that really stuck out to me were Joseph and Judah. The good words that Jacob spoke over Joseph come as no surprise, but what he spoke over Judah clearly was led by the Holy Spirit, and was prophetic. Judah receives the longest and the most positive blessing. It is said that he would be the father of kings, and more specifically the father of the One who would come as the ever living King…the One who would be honored by all nations. This is a prophecy that Messiah would come out of the tribe of Judah. Once again we see the promise of Genesis 3:15 being fulfilled through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and finally through Judah. As we continue to read through the Bible, remember that this wonderful book is about Jesus the Messiah.

The second thing that stuck out to me was what happened after Jacob’s death and Joseph’s response. Joseph’s brothers were worried that he would seek revenge on them for what they had done to him. Joseph’s response is what is important here. “What you intended to harm me, God intended to use for good”. This truth should give us great confidence, even in the face of attacks and mistreatment from our enemies. Listen, ultimately our enemies do not have the final say over us…we are in God’s hands, and there is no safer place. We can cower in the corner because our enemies attack and intend to do us harm, but the reality is they cannot touch us unless God allows it…and if God allows it then He will fulfill His great purpose through us in it. With God there truly is, “no weapon formed against us that will prosper”. What a wonderful truth…our God is greater than our enemies, and He will always accomplish His purpose in and through us!

With the completion of reading Genesis our chronological readings will take us into the book of Job. Most scholars believe that Job lived somewhere in the times of the patriarch’s. So now in Job we will journey through a time of discovering much about the sovereignty of God. Please share any insights you have from today’s readings, or any part of Genesis. Bless you all as you read through the Word of God.




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