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There are many events surrounding Jesus’ death on the cross on Mount Calvary. But, I believe the focus of this chapter, and of our faith, is Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross. First, He did not deserve at any level to be upon that cross…and that’s the point. Only the One who should not have been on the cross, could be on the cross. The sinless One went to the cross, suffered our punishment from His Father, was falsely accused by those who rejected Him…He did this for all us of who are guilty and deserve God’s judgment…for we are, I am sinners. Jesus death on the cross was a sacrifice He willing gave that our sin could be paid for. There is no “getting away” with sin. Sin must be paid for, for God is a holy God of perfect justice. In this world some may get away with breaking the law, because our justice is imperfect, but not so with God. So, either by faith we put our trust in Jesus and what He did on the cross paying for our sin, or we will pay for our own sin. Either Jesus has received the wrath of God for our sin, or we will receive the wrath of God. God does not punish our sin because He gets some cheap thrill out of it, but because holiness and justice require it. The Gospel message is that the Lord loved us so much that He came to be the sacrifice and pay the price for our sin…so no one has to face the wrath of God in eternity. Some might say well instead of having Jesus die for my sin, I will just die for my own sin…you can’t, you don’t qualify to pay for anything. We sinners could never die for sin…we can only die in sin. The cross is a tremendous expression of God’s love and mercy for we sinful people. The cross does not demonstrate our worth…the cross demonstrates the love of God and the amazing extent of His grace. Trust in Jesus today…He is the only Savior and the only One who could, and did, die for your sin.

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