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The theme of today’s reading is opposition. You can be guaranteed that you are going to follow God you will experience opposition. The god of this world hates you, because he hates God…he will always be active in raising opposition against you when you follow the Lord. There are different kinds of groups and people that will oppose you when you are following God. The first is easily expected, while the second is not from an expected source…yet both are very real opposition used by Satan against the things and people of God.

We expect that there would be opposition from the unbelieving world. In Moses’ case it was no surprise that Pharaoh would reject him as the one who would lead the Israelites out captivity. Pharaoh would, out of necessity, need to oppose Moses in order to keep his power. No one would expect him to do anything else. In Psalm 41 we are told of the fact that the enemies of God would always oppose the followers of God. But, we can know, without a doubt that the Lord is with His own in the midst of any opposition. In Matthew we are reminded that Jesus faced the opposition of the Roman government, who much like Pharaoh, felt the need to opposed Jesus in order to keep their power. Once again, we expect that the secular world would, by nature of who they are, oppose Jesus and His plan.

The second group of those who would oppose us in our following the Lord. These are those who are supposed to have the same worldview that we have. These are the ones who are supposed to be followers of God, who have put their trust in Him. These are the ones who are supposed to be followers of God. Moses experienced some of his greatest opposition from his own people, the Israelites. The ones he came to set free by the power of God, would be the ones who would be used by Satan to oppose the man of God. In the Psalms, many times the writer speaks of being harmed at the hands of supposed friends and allies.

By nature, we put trust in those who are supposed to walk with us…and it is always a surprise and very hurtful when these oppose us. Even Jesus, faced opposition from His own people. The Jews rejected Him…His disciples abandoned Him…and the ultimate opposition was displayed by Judas, when he betrayed Jesus. The enemy of our souls will use whatever and whoever he can to stand in opposition of us following and trusting in God.

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