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It is the height of folly for finite humans to deny and even blaspheme the Lord. Yet, these seem to be the response of people when it is shared that the judgment of the Lord is coming on this earth. It was true in the day of Isaiah, and it is true in our day. We humans fool ourselves in believing that we can live any way we want, and God doesn’t care, nor will He do anything about it. Judah was filled with both great evil and delusion…the delusion is seen in their rejection of the warnings from the prophets, declaring that they were doing well. We live in a time like this today…people are delusional. They live in not only their disbelief, but they live and promote every corrupt and ungodly practice that is devised in the hearts of people who hate God. Even churches, which one would assume would be the one group on the earth to be obedient to God and His Word, are promoting what the world promotes. The largest religious organization in the world, and its leader the pope, just approved the blessings of same sex marriage. How does a religious institution, regardless of denomination, condone and bless what the Lord condemns? We are living in dangerous times, we have put ourselves in the place where only two possibilities remain…repentance of our sin, or the judgment of God. In Revelation 9, John continues to show us what that judgment is going to look like. There is a day coming when the abyss will be open and both demons and the fallen angels, who did not keep their first estate, will be released on this earth, to torment humanity. The world has declared over and over again that they reject God, they want to follow the devil…well the day is coming when mankind will know what happens when all hell is released. When the sixth trumpet blows and four fallen angels are released from their chains to kill one-third of mankind…and yet mankind will still refuse to repent. It is beyond my comprehension that humanity would rather suffer judgment, than to humble themselves and repent to God. Bow your knee and acknowledge Jesus as Savior and Lord today…before it becomes too late, and you cannot!

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