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Here is a truth…anytime the Lord is at work Satan and his followers will rise up in opposition. There was a group of people who were followers of John the baptizer. As such, they would have also been followers of Jesus. But they had never heard of the Holy Spirit, they did not know what happened at Pentecost, so they had no idea what it meant to be filled with the Holy Spirit. When Paul met them, he taught them about the Holy Spirit, and laid hands on them to receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not override a person’s ability to accept or reject Him…so when they were made aware, and were willing, they received the Holy Spirit into their lives. Paul performed other miracles in the city of Ephesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. People were even healed and set free from demons by just touching Paul’s apron or handkerchief. Unbelievers were so impressed by the power of God working through Paul that they attempted to use this power in the same manner. Of course, the demons overcame these lost would-be miracle workers, because the power of God is never to be used as a show or for personal aggrandizement, but for the glory of God. The power of God in the believer of God is the Holy Spirit of God. God continued to work miracles through Paul, so much so that it caused people to turn from their idolatry to trust in Jesus. This caused no small amount of opposition as it impacted the business of a silversmith who made graven images for the people to worship. With Jesus they no longer needed these images of false gods. When the Spirit of God begins to move, He changes everything…the followers of Satan will always vehemently oppose and stand against the Lord’s truth and His Gospel. Don’t be surprised as we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in our day when Satan and His followers stand and speak against us.

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