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What do we do if we sin? The correct question really ought to be…what do we do when we sin? We all sin against the Lord and His truth. There are none of us that are sinless. Even born-again Christians sin, though it is not their continual practice. The Scripture tells us that if we have put our faith in Jesus as Savior, our sin is forgiven and we have been made new in Him. This means although we are still capable of sinning when we walk in the flesh rather than the Spirit, that is not our practice or where we live. We are told we have an advocate who is Jesus, who claims us as His own. Because this is true, the born-again Christian no longer wants to sin…we want to walk in Christ. Jesus would tell us to. “go and sin no more”. There are those who talk about the incident in today’s reading with the woman caught in adultery as a call to be permissive and that God accepts all the we do. But they miss that though Jesus offered the woman forgiveness, and He also called her to walk in righteousness. This whole incident always makes me wonder that this woman was caught in adultery, so where is the man? Jesus goes on in this chapter to proclaim that He is the light of the world. As we follow Him, we no longer walk in darkness and sin. He tells us that it is as we abide in His truth, we reveal we are genuinely His disciples. Sadly, the Jewish religious leaders said that Jesus had a demon, rather than accepting the truth that Jesus share from God. You can expect the ungodly world around you to twist and turn your words about Christ, because they love the darkness rather than the light.

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