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Most of this chapter has to do with Jesus’ prophetic utterance concerning the question asked Him by His followers. Before the question is asked we are told of a widow who came to the Temple to give her offering to the Lord. All she had was two mites…these were very small copper coins that were worth next to nothing in earthly monetary value. When Jesus saw her offering He said that she had given more than anyone else. I am sure this caused great confusion, because I am certain that just about everyone else gave more actual money than she did. Jesus clarified for all listening by saying that all the others gave from their abundance, while this widow lady gave out of her poverty. To her it cost her everything she had to bring an offering to the Lord…while the others gave of the extra they had. All of anything, even if it is a “small” amount is always more that a little of a lot, even if it’s a “large” amount. This is the economics of heaven.

Jesus’ disciples asked Him about the future end time events after Jesus proclaimed the destruction of the Temple. Jesus spoke of the deception to come. He spoke of the wars and rumors of war, along with the huge ethnic battles to come. Earthquakes, famine, pestilence, along with fearful signs in the heavens. Persecution of believers…betrayal of family and friends…and outright hatred of followers of Jesus. Jesus tells them the city of Jerusalem will be destroyed (we know this happened in 70 AD). Followed by a time in history when the Gentiles will overrun Jerusalem, until the appointed time of the Gentiles is over. Then the Lord Jesus Christ will return. Jesus closes out this chapter by calling on us to be ready and to be watching. Are you ready? Are you watching?

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