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Updated: May 10, 2022


Acts 2 records for us the coming of the Holy Spirit in a new and fresh way on the day of Pentecost…50 days after Passover. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit was like a rushing wind inside the building where the believers were gathered. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. There were those who came to Jerusalem, apparently for the feast of Pentecost and Peter rose to speak. These people with many different dialects all heard Peter speak in their language. Peter spoke in his language, but those gathered there understood in their own language. This miracle of the Holy Spirit allowed everyone to hear clearly the message and understand it in their own language. A reminder here that there is only one Pentecost…the Holy Spirit has come to dwell in the life of believers and has never left. Also, I would like you to notice the transformation of Peter and the other disciples. Formerly, they were paralyzed in fear and hid from the authorities…now they stood in the boldness of the Holy Spirit and openly proclaimed the Gospel and unashamedly declared they were followers of Jesus.

Luke records us at the end of the chapter how the early church practiced their faith. They spent their time in study of the Apostle’s doctrine, they fellowshiped together, ate together, and in prayed together. The presence of the Lord brought a sense of awe to everyone. The Spirit manifested Himself though wonders and signs. The people were literally together, sharing what they had with one another. If someone had a need, the others would sell what they had to meet the need of a brother and/or sister in Christ. Their lives were filled with the joy of the Lord, and they kept things simple. They acknowledged their praise to God, and they saw God add new souls to their number every day. There is a longing in the hearts of many of we followers to somehow get back to what was experienced in the first century church. It could be that we are to “sophisticated” and “complicated”. The early church did not know any better than to trust in the Holy Spirit to lead them, and give them everything they needed. How wonderful it would be if we had the kind of response and trust to the Spirit of God.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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