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This chapter is about Jesus’ arrest and trials. Jesus and His disciples were in a garden just across the Kidron Valley just outside of Jerusalem. Judas the betrayer, brought a group of Pharisees, along with the chief priests, and the Jewish troops. It clearly was dark because even when they came to Jesus, it was the Lord who asked them who they were seeking. When they said Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus answered, “I am He”. The enormity of this declaration knocked these troops to the ground. Peter drew a sword and cut off the high priest’s servant’s ear. Jesus told him to put the sword away, for this was not a time to fight…this was the hour for Jesus to move to the cross.

Jesus had two trials before the Jewish leaders, and two trials before Pilate. While Jesus was being tried by the Sanhedrin, Peter warmed himself by the fire outside of Caiaphas’ home. Jesus clearly indicated the fact that this kind of trial was illegal to be done in secret and to be done at night. For when they asked Him about Himself and His disciples, Jesus told them that He spoke openly…one struck Jesus with the palm of his hand. Jesus speaks a word of conviction asking why He was hit for speaking the truth. Jesus was sent by Caiaphas to Pilate, for the Jews did not want to do their dirty deed on their own. I believe part of this was fear that Jesus had too many followers and the repercussions would be too great. I also believed they wanted the Romans to be blamed by the people for killing Jesus…there was no love lost between the Jewish leaders and the Romans. Pilate questions Jesus and Jesus lets him know that He is a King, but His kingdom is not of this world. Jesus tells Pilate that He came to bear witness to the truth. Pilate asks the eternal question, though instead of saying “what is truth”, he might have been changed if he would have asked, “who is truth”. Pilate found no fault in Jesus, so he attempted to have Jesus released, but the Jewish people would rather have a murderer released then to have Jesus released.

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