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We see in today’s reading that it did not take Satan long to begin to work in the church. A couple named Ananias and Sapphira saw what Barnabas had done, and decided they liked that he was recognized and schemed to do something similar to gain their own notoriety. Truth be told, they did gain notoriety, but clearly not in the way they thought. They sold a piece of their own land and then claimed to bring all the proceeds from the sale to the Apostles to help those in need. Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit and knew that they had not done what they claimed. He confronted Ananias first. Ananias lied about what he had done, and he fell down dead. Peter told him that he had not lied to man, but to God. Then Peter speaks to Sapphira, who like her husband lies about the whole matter…she too falls down dead for lying to God. Of course, great fear fell upon the church…but we see that it did not take long for Satan to show himself in the church.

The Apostle’s continue to do miracles and preach Jesus in the Temple and to all the people. The Jewish religious leaders put them in prison, but they are miraculously freed from prison, and return to preaching Jesus in the Temple area. When the authorities find them, they warn the disciples to stop preaching in Jesus’ Name. Peter makes it clear that they must obey God rather than man. This made the leaders furious to the point of wanting to kill the Apostles. A teacher of Israel named Gamaliel advised them to leave them alone for it what they were doing was not of God, it would fade away…but if it was of God, there is no way to stop it. The council agreed, but had the Apostle’s beaten and again commanded not to speak in Jesus’ Name. This is a lesson for us. Though there will be opposition as we share God’s truth, and the Gospel of Jesus, there will be opposition…but remember no one can keep you and I from speaking about our Jesus.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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