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Both political and religious movements are all about power…that’s why they are so enticing to people. Paul has been brought before Felix the Roman Governor for the region of Israel. The religious authorities, represented by no less than the high priest Ananias have sent charges to Felix about Paul. The religious leaders knew that they could pressure the Roman Governor. The Governors were sent to different regions by Caesar…these men were required to keep the peace. It could cost them their position, and even their life, if they let their region of the Roman empire get out of control. So, there was this uneasy collaboration between the Romans and the Jewish religious leaders. The truth is was that they hated each other…but, they did not mind using each other to get what each of them wanted. The Jewish religious leaders wanted Rome to punish their religious opponents like Paul…you will remember that this is exactly what they did against Jesus. Under the pressure of the Sanhedrin Pilate was pressured to crucify Jesus…they threatened Pilate with an insurrection, which would have certainly cost him his position. Now they are doing this with Paul. Paul testifies before Felix, and defends himself against the lies. Felix decides to put his decision on the matter off, and keep Paul in custody while he makes his decision. Finally, the time comes for Felix to be replaced and he decides to keep Paul in prison in order to please the Jewish religious leaders. Nothing has changed…it’s all about power. Power in the political arena, and power in the established and accepted religious institutions. John tells us in Revelation that the end times empire of the Antichrist will have three different arms to exhibit his power…economic, political, and religious. Once again, I remind you that biblical Christianity is not about religion, that is man’s way, it is about a life changing relationship with God only through Jesus.

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