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Though the world seems to have a real problem with the definition of what a man and a woman are, the Bible does not suffer from gender dysphoria. The destruction of the family, and ultimately our society, is the direct result from mankind’s rejection of God’s creative order. Here is the clear creative order of God… ”The head of every man is Christ, the head of every woman is man, and the head of Christ is God”. This order is not meant in anyway to be demeaning, or to state that the man is more important than the woman. This order is proper and protective…for men and women are created different. We are different physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. This is by design, and it is needful for a proper family, church, and society. Paul uses the example of the “covering of the head” as a proper understanding of the headship of the man in the home and the church. In that time for a woman to go out in public with their head uncovered was a shame to her, and a disrespect to her husband…it was considered indecent. Even today this practice holds in many middle eastern countries. In our society it would be like a woman dressing in an indecent, or provocative manner and go out in public, or go to church dressed in this way. Rebellion is the nature of the human condition…we want to turn God’s creative order upside-down. Can we not see the huge mess it is making in the home, the church, and in society? It is way past time for men to be men, women to be women…and biblically and properly to live before God as such.

Paul then speaks of disorder in the church of Corinth, particularly as it is seen in the way the church comes together for the Lord’s Supper. He talks about people coming to the church, and to the table of the Lord, only for themselves. They were rudely pushing others aside so that they got “their” place at the table. The gorged themselves, and made themselves drunk. Things were so bad that Paul actually said that it would have been better had they just stayed at home, and not have come to church. He reminds them of the special gift the Lord has given the church in communion. It’s deep and spiritual meaning, as the church takes both the bread and the cup. Then he warns that there are actual consequences for the taking of this supper in an unworthy manner. Some were sick, and some had died, for violating and treating the communion of the Lord in a sinful manner. He instructs us as we come together to the Lord’s table we are to wait on one another. This is the Lord’s Supper, it is not a place to gorge oneself, or become drunk…it is not a place to rudely push others aside, but it is a time of communion with our Lord and with each other.

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