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In this chapter Paul gives us the principle of looking out for one another…especially the weaker believer. We are called to be concerned about what we do, and the impact it has on those who are weaker or less mature in their faith. Paul uses the example of meat that has been offered to idols, and the impact eating this meat could have on a weaker believer. To Paul it is just a piece of meat, no better or no worse than a piece of meat that had not been offered to idols. It was the practice of the pagans to do animal sacrifices in which they killed the animal and offered the blood…then they would sell the meat from the sacrifice to the merchants in the marketplace, who in turn sold it to people for consumption. There were those who were concerned that if followers of Jesus ate that meat it was somehow a violation of their faith. Paul made it clear that there is only one God, so anything offered to non-existent gods would have no impact on the believer. To Paul meat was meat, no matter where it came from. But, also Paul was concerned about these weaker believers, and even unbelievers, who saw a believer eating this meat sacrificed to idols. He was concerned that their faith would be harmed, and that some might never come to faith. Paul teaches us to be more concerned about the impact of our actions, even if we see them as benign, upon those who see them as harmful. We may have the freedom to partake in many things, but we need to be sure in doing so that we do not knowing offend a weaker believer. It must be said here that it would be impossible not to offend those who exist simply to be offended…they are the type that are not genuinely seeking truth, but are just out there playing the perpetual victim. It’s when we know that a genuine seeker and follower of God, who is weak or immature in their faith, would be harmed by our actions that we should care more about them than our liberty to be involved in those actions.

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