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JANUARY 6, 2022 READING... Matthew 4

Satan is opposed to everything that is of God. He is a liar, a counterfeiter, a destroyer of everything that is good and holy, and exist to try to stop the plan of God. He is not only a deceiver…he is the most self-deceived being that has ever existed…for he should know that he is powerless in comparison to Almighty God. In chapter 4 we have recorded for us the temptations of Christ. There are different understandings of this encounter between Jesus and Satan. Some say it happen to prove that Jesus could not sin…while others, like myself, hold that it shows that Jesus would not sin. I believe if there was no possibility for the man Jesus to given into the temptation, then it was not an actual temptation. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus was genuinely tempted in every way we are…yet He never gave into that temptation to sin (Hebrews 4:15). Satan was using these temptations of Jesus to try and stop the plan of God for mankind’s redemption. If he was able to get Jesus to give into the temptation to sin, then Jesus would be disqualified to redeem sinful mankind, and mankind would be hopelessly and eternally lost. Praise God that Jesus overcame all temptation, and is our Redeemer and Lord!

Jesus begins His earthly ministry, and you will notice that His message was the same message that John the Baptizer was proclaiming. Jesus calls His first disciples…He tells them that if they would leave their fishnets, that He would make them fishers of men. Peter and Andrew were the first, then John and James…all fishermen. From an earthly perspective these “blue-collar” men would seem to be the least qualified to be called as disciples, and to be used to build the church of Jesus Christ. They were about to begin three years of the best and most biblical teaching that anyone could have…they were going to have the living Word teach them the true meaning of the Word of God. Jesus did not call them because of their qualifications…He called them in spite of their lack of qualifications, and being untainted by apostate religion…and He prepared them for the great mission He had for them. Many times, we try to tell the Lord that we are unqualified to answer His call…He would have us understand that He is not looking for our qualifications, but for our obedience. Remember, God always equips those who He calls. In the area of the Galilee Jesus begins His ministry of teaching, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing.

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings.


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