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In our reading today, we see the theme of God’s provision and protection of His people in the midst of His judgment. Israel had been in captivity now for 400 years, and the Lord is about to move in setting them free from bondage. He is preparing to send His judgment on Egypt, but before He does that He will need to free the Israelites, and get them back to their own land. God’s plan is revealed in the birth of a male child named Moses. God’s hand is upon Moses at birth because there was a decree from Pharaoh that every male child would be put to death. In God’s incredible plan He puts Moses in the house of Pharaoh. Moses grows there until it is revealed to Him that God had a plan to use him leading the Israelites out of Egypt. God took Moses into the desert to speak to him, and prepare him for the task that God had for him. God reveals Himself as the Eternal One in giving Moses His Name…I AM. In the Name of the Lord Moses would free the Lord’s people and usher in the judgment upon Egypt for the way they treated the people of God.

In Matthew 24 the disciples ask Jesus three questions; when will the temple be destroyed…what will be the sign of Your coming…and what will it be like at the end of the age? Jesus responds by telling them of a coming tribulation unlike the world has ever seen. This time will be the beginning of the judgment of God upon the earth, for the people have rejected God. What is clear in this account of the tribulation is that once again the Lord will protect His people before the judgment comes. He gives warning to Israel of this time, and what they should do when they see these things coming to pass. It is important to see that Jesus answers these questions primarily in relation to Israel, we can put the church in this passage, but it is not directly mentioned. Jesus then speaks that at the end of the tribulation period He would return. He speaks that His people need to live in anticipation of His return. Living lives obedient to God, realizing that the days before His return will be filled with evil, as it was in the days of Noah.

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