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Jesus begins to open the seals on the scroll…at the opening of each seal God’s judgment begins to fall on the earth. The first four seals release the “four horsemen of the apocalypse”, and the tribulation begins. The first horse is Antichrist…the word “antichrist” means both, against and in place of Christ. Antichrist mimics Christ in every way, for he is the false Christ. Like the true Christ in Revelation 19, he rides a white horse and wears a crown…though there is a clear distinction between the crowns. He carries a bow, but no arrows…and by manipulation and false peace he conquers many. The second horse is red and it goes out to make war, and take peace from the earth…all hell breaks loose on earth, yet the claim will be that Antichrist has brought great peace. The third horse is black that brings famine, starvation, and incredible inflation to the earth. The fourth horse is pale, and this horse is death. Death will come on this earth like never in history. This will make all the genocides in history pale in comparison. Death will come a multitude of different ways, and the horror of this time will be beyond our comprehension. Yet, once again the Antichrist will claim the world has never known a better time…and people will be so deluded they will believe it, even while the world is destroying itself.

There are two more seals broken on the scroll in this chapter. The fifth seal reveals a vast multitude of souls under the altar in heaven. These are the martyrs of the faith that have been killed for their faith in Jesus. These could be those killed in the tribulation time, or they could be martyrs out of all ages, who were killed for their faith. They are seeking justice, and the Lord assures them that His time to bring them justice is coming, and He dresses them in white and tells them to rest until the total number of martyrs is complete. The sixth seal being broken causes a great earthquake on the earth, the sun is darkened, and the moon is turned blood red. Stars fall from heaven upon the earth, and the sky folds back like a scroll. The people on earth are so filled with fear that they hide in caves and desire for the rocks to fall on them to kill them. Sadly, even this fear is not enough for them to turn to God…and they soon resume their godless existence.

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