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We come now to the second set of letters to the churches in Asia Minor. There are three in this chapter. Once again, I remind you to ask the Holy Spirit to speak about the condition of your life, and the church you attend. Some times we think as long as we feel good about ourselves, and good about the church we attend, we are doing good. The question is…What does Jesus see when He looks at us? Jesus speaks to the church at Sardis as the One who has the pastors in His hand, and gives His Holy Spirit to whom He chooses. Sardis saw themselves as this power church that was alive…but Jesus said they were dead. It is a terrible thing when the Lord of the church says that the church is dead. Even worse, was their delusional view of themselves. Jesus told them to hold fast to whatever life they had, and to repent and return to the Lord. Jesus is good at resurrecting the dead…even dead churches. He calls them to overcome in Him, that they might find their name in the book of life.

Jesus then speaks to the church of Philadelphia. He presents Himself as the One in control of all things…He opens and He shuts. He is pleased with their great work in sharing His gospel…so He has opened many doors of opportunity for them to continue their God-given mission. He wants them to know that He is aware of the opposition they face…and He has promised to be with them and give them His strength. He promises to keep them from the time of tribulation that is coming, and reminds them that He is coming back quickly. He encourages them with the promise of eternal life, and their new eternal name given to them in heaven. The final message from Jesus is to the church of Laodicea, another self-deceived church. To them Jesus appears as the One who is faithful and true… the One who always speaks truth. He is not happy with this church, for though the have a reputation of wealth, being on fire for God, and a healthy church. Jesus calls them poor, lukewarm, and in need of healing from their sick spiritual condition. This church is worse than all the others, for this church makes Jesus sick to His stomach. It is also in this passage we have the saddest picture of all time. Jesus standing outside His church, knocking on the door, asking to come in. Jesus speaks correction and rebukes to this church…and He does so, because in spite of their lukewarm condition, He still loves them.

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