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John begins his messages to the churches of Asia Minor. These are real churches…and I believe we can see our own churches in each of them…and some even have put together a historical progression of the church down through the ages using these churches. Each one is addressed by Jesus, who presents Himself in a unique way to each. His usual format is to commend them(though not all)…then to speak a word of correction and warning (again, not to all). Jesus is the Lord of the church, and as such evaluates His church, to bring it back to what He desires for it to be.

In chapter 2 Jesus speaks to four churches. To the church at Ephesus, He presents Himself as the One who is in control of both His pastors and the church. He commends them for their works, patience, and rejection of evil. He calls them back to their first love…to love Him wholeheartedly. He warns them that if they don’t return to that love, He will come and remove the power of the Holy Spirit from amongst them. To the church at Smyrna Jesus presents Himself as the One who overcame death. He encourages them to remain strong in the face of persecution, for the Lord knows where they are, and what they are going through…and He has got them covered! To the church at Pergamos Jesus presents Himself as the One with the Word of God speaking truth back into them. He warns them to stop compromising with Satan, and exalting men to positions of honor and power in the Lord’s church. He tells them to repent or the same Word that saved them will be the Word that destroys them. Finally, in this chapter the Lord presents Himself to the church at Thyatira as the One with eyes of fire and feet of brass…the Judge. He tells them that they are doing many good things, but that they have become corrupt. They are committing spiritual adultery with Jezebel. They have become carnal idolaters. He warns those who have not gone this way in the church to hold on, that they might receive the promise.

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