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MARCH 29 READINGS…Joshua 19:49-21:45 & 1 Chronicles 5:54-81

The tribe of Levi was the priestly tribe for the nation of Israel. The Lord had set them apart for the spiritual nurturing for the entire nation. In order for this to happen, they would of necessity be spread throughout all the tribes when they came into the promise land. The Lord instructed Joshua to make sure the Levites received different towns throughout all the tribes. The Levites would not be given a territory like the other tribes...this enabled them to minister throughout all the nation. They would continue to receive the tithes and offerings from the people according to the instructions given through Moses. Two things are seen here...first the Lord is concerned about the spiritual condition of His people, and calls those who would serve Him in this manner. Second, the Lord makes provision through His people for the well-being and care of those who minister spiritually to the people of God. This pattern has not changed in the biblical church.

The other provision the Lord made was to set up "cities of refuge". These were safe places for those who unintentionally kill another person. These cities were not a place for those who committed murder to hide from justice. The Lord gave instruction that anyone seeking refuge, would have to stand trial before the elders of the city of refuge. If accepted by the elders, by being found not guilty of murder, the person could live in the city safely...but if they went outside the city, there was no protection. When and if the High Priest died these people would be free to return to their own hometown, without any fear of prosecution. Life is precious to the Lord, yet He knew there was that there would be those who accidentally killed another...the Lord's provision provided judgment rather than revenge. The Lord is a God of perfect justice...the guilty will be punished, and no one will be punished by Him who is not guilty.

Please share any insight or thoughts you have from today's reading. Enjoy this holy week. I will be putting out the April reading schedule later today. HE IS RISEN!

TOMORROW'S BIBLE READING...Joshua 22:1-24:33

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