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How should we live and work together as followers of Christ? How should we treat one another? What should be our attitude toward our brothers and sisters? Then, how should we walk in this world? Paul instructs us in these things in chapter 2 of Philippians. He expressed his hearts desire to the church in Philippi by calling them to unity…that is being of one mind, and having a Christ-like, love for one another. When they worked together or worshiped together they were told to not do anything from selfishness or conceit. They were to esteem others more highly than they did themselves. In the church we all ought to be about others, more than we demand it be about us. Paul reminds us that God is at work in us…His work is to bring forth His will through us for His good pleasure. What a great privilege is given to us.

Jesus is our great example, and though we could never fully live up to what Jesus did…Paul tells us to have a right attitude, the attitude of Jesus. Jesus, who is God, made of Himself no reputation. What does this mean? He is the King of the universe, the Creator of all things, yet He humbled Himself by taking on the flesh of His own creation. He allowed Himself to be ridiculed, scorned, and even killed for our sake. Now He is highly exalted…back at the right hand of His Father, experiencing continued and eternal praise from all the residents of heaven. One day we will join them before Him. We are called to have this same attitude. We are not here to be served, and get our way…we are here to serve, and place our brothers and sisters before ourselves. Paul finishes this chapter by commending both Timothy and Epaphroditus, two servants of God, who were living, walking, and working with the mind of Christ.

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