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In this portion of Paul’s letter, he speaks of the biblical requirements of those who would be spiritual leaders in the church. He begins with the requirements, qualifications, of an elder/pastor. Paul tells us that it is a good work, that should be desired if a man is called to this place in the church. But the position of pastor is not for everyone, and there are definite biblical qualifications. First, he must be a he. He is required to be blameless and the husband of one wife. He needs to be temperate, sober-minded, and of good behavior, hospitable, and able to teach. He cannot be a wine-bibber, not violent, nor greedy for money. He is to be gentle, leading his own household in a godly manner. He is not to be quarrelsome, or covetous. He must be well grounded in the faith in order to maturely lead the church. He must be ever vigilant to not fall into the same condemnation of the devil through pride. He is to have a good testimony concerning his life and treatment of others in the community that are not part of the church. The question arises, “Who can qualify?” Only those who are qualified by the Holy Spirit, and those who continue to grow and walk in the Holy Spirit.

Then Paul deals with the position of deacon, and the qualifications for this office in the church. Paul again makes it clear that this position is to be filled by men. These men need to be reverent, not double-tongued, not a wine-bibber, and not greedy for money. They must be grounded in the faith with a pure conscience. They are to be proved in the faith, then let them serve as deacons. Paul speaks here that their wives are to also be reverent, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things. He deacons is to be the husband of one wife, and the leader of the household. As they serve well as deacon, they are living testimonies of a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Paul gives all this instruction about leadership in the church that the church might be right and in order. the individual woman by adding the need for faith, love, and holiness with self-control.

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