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Today we start Philippians…this is the place where Paul and Silas were thrown into prison, and while they were singing praises to God at midnight, the Lord open the doors and set them free from their chains. Out of this God worked through their jailer to bring the Gospel to this city.

Paul begins the letter with a prayer for the believers in Philippi. He express his gratitude to God, and his confidence that God will continue to work through the believers. Paul then prays that they would be filled with the fruits of God’s righteousness. Paul then expresses how God is using his imprisonment to further the work of the Gospel (Paul is writing this letter from Rome where he is in jail for the faith). He says his imprisonment has turned out for the good of the cause of Christ…even the unbelieving Roman guards are seeing how God is using Paul…and Paul says what he is going through is an encouragement to other believers. He is even willing to be used as an example for good to those who love him, or bad to those who detest him…as long as the Gospel is preached.

Paul seems to know his time on earth is coming to an end…and he is okay with that. He says, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. He could say that because he had a proper perspective of eternity. May God give us that perspective also. As long as God can use us to bless others, and share the Gospel, we should desire to remain. When that time is over, then heaven is our home and our great gain! Paul closes this first chapter by encouraging the believers to let their conduct be worthy of the Gospel. To be unafraid of those who opposed them for the cause of Christ. And to know that to suffer for Christ is actually a distinct privilege. I hope we would have that attitude in the days ahead.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.

MONDAY’S READING…Philippians 2



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