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Paul addressed the truth about the church in Thessalonica, which is also true for far too many in our churches today. Before I mention what Paul is addressing, I want to remind all who read this that the church is not a building your go to, nor is it merely a religious organization…the church is the people of God. Paul’s concern was not that the church was ignorant to the teachings of Jesus…it was that the church was not living according to the teachings they clearly knew. As we live the word of God this puts us in the position for the work of the Holy Spirit in us to continue the work of our sanctification…He is making us holy. But, we need to understand that if we choose to just read the word, but not live it, we will not be in position to receive the growth of our faith and holiness that the Holy Spirit desires to bring in our lives. God has called us to holiness, and given us His Holy Spirit to make that holiness possible…when we neglect the things of God, we resist the Spirit, and put ourselves in a position of missing what He has for us. Here is a great way to approach life, given to us by the Apostle, “…aspire to lead a quite life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands…that you may walk properly toward those who are outside (the church)”.

The question arose in the church as to what happens to those who die in the Lord. We who are believers do not grieve like those who have no hope…we do grieve, but we do so with the hope and promise of the Lord. Jesus died and rose again… and those who died knowing Jesus will return with Him when He comes. God has an order…those alive when Jesus returns for His church will follow those who have already died in Christ. When Jesus comes for His church, the dead will rise first, then we will be caught up (raptured). We will forever be with the Lord. Paul gives us this truth as a great comfort for what God has for us in the future. We are to live in the holiness of God until that great day…knowing that God has our eternity secure in His powerful and loving hands.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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