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Jesus fulfills all the biblical offices…He is The Prophet, The High Priest, and The King. The Jewish people have a very high regard for Moses…some even considered him equal to the law of God. The writer of Hebrews steps forward with a daring declaration to the believers in the church that had a Jewish heritage. He declared that Jesus was due more glory than Moses. The writer declares that it was Jesus that created Moses. Jesus is the Creator of all things. This reminds me of the Mount of Transfiguration where three disciples were with Jesus and suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared. Peter wanted to build booths and spend time with these great men from the Old Testament…Moses representing the Law, and Elijah representing the Prophets. Suddenly a voice came from heaven saying, “Jesus is My Son, hear Him”. Declaring the supremacy of Christ over the Law and the Prophets…declaring that Jesus is the fulfillment of both the Law and prophecy…as they were both about Him. In this third chapter we are shown that Jesus was superior to Moses in His work…for He created all things.

We are also told that Jesus was superior to Moses in who they both were. Moses was certainly faithful in fulfilling his ministry as a servant of God…but Jesus is the God who created, called, and led Moses. The writer warns the people wanted to return to the old way, and follow Moses, that now that Jesus is here, they need to follow Him. To go in any way other than Jesus is to reveal an evil heart of unbelief. To refuse Christ for some religious expression…no matter what that expression is whether it be based in Judaism, in Islam, in humanism, and even in institution Christianity, is to reveal a heart of rebellion against God. All things promised to us by God, come to us only through His Son Jesus.

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