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Having money or material things is not a sin…having a “rich” person’s attitude is a sin. If you live for things or money, you cannot live a life of faith in Christ. Those riches have corrupted those with the rich attitude…that’s all they can do, for they are corrupt. Those who impose their riches and power over others sin against God and their fellow man. When material things are all we value others by, we are devaluing the real worth of all precious human souls. James instructs us then to be patient and live in faith as we wait the return of Jesus. We are told to make sure our hearts are right with God, and when that happens our walk will be right also. Lift up one another without grumbling…and thus, make yourself ready to meet the Judge, who is at the door. Like the prophets of old hold fast to the Lord, even as you face persecution. Then be people of integrity…there is no need to swear by anything in heaven or on earth…let your yes, and your no, be trustworthy.

Finally, we are to be people who pray in faith, especially when people are in need in the body of Christ. If someone is suffering, pray…if someone is filled with joy, pray. Stay before the Lord through all the situations of life. When there are people who are sick, let the church gather around them, minister to them, and lift them up to the Lord. Be honest about your shortcomings, and even failings, as you share them with your brothers and sisters in the church. Those in the church be careful to treat these confessions with great care, being trustworthy. If someone wanders from the truth, we are to reach out in an attempt to turn them back. We do this because of love, and because we are all capable falling away. It is a great ministry to rescue a brother or sister who has fallen away.

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