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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

NOVEMBER 10, 2021 READINGS... Acts 8:1b-9:43

There is a scattering that takes place for the believers because of persecution. These Christians were persecuted by the Romans, and by the Jewish religious community. Both of these persecutors had the power to imprison or kill the followers of Jesus. This dispersion is spoken of by James in his epistle…as a matter of fact he wrote to encourage the believers to walk in biblical faith in the midst of their persecution. The dispersion did not have the desired effect that the persecutors desired…God used it to spread the Gospel message throughout the known world. Luke records for us another deacon (just like Stephen) who was out spreading the message of the Gospel of Christ. The Holy Spirit had an appointment for Philip with and Ethiopian eunuch. This man was a seeker of God, and even more importantly, God was seeking him. He was reading Isaiah the prophet and God brought Philip by, at just the right time, to give him an explanation of what he was reading. When Philip had shared the man put his faith in Jesus and was baptized. This enable the Gospel to make its way to the African continent.

The 9th chapter of Acts tells us of the conversion of Saul (later Paul). Saul was a persecutor of the church. He was even headed to persecute believers when the Lord confronted him, and saved him. The encounter with Christ left Saul physically blind, but it gave him spiritual sight. He would now leave everything he had known to follow the Lord. The Lord had already prepared a man named Ananias to begin the process of discipleship for Saul, and prepare Saul for the ministry that God had for him. The transformation of Saul amazed all who had known him as the arm of the high priest’s program of persecution. When Saul arrived back in Jerusalem the Christians were afraid of him, and understandably were concerned this was a trick to trap them. We are told that during this time of great persecution that the church actually grew and gained strength, as they relied on the Lord for all things.

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