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MAY 6 READINGS...1 Kings 2:1-9 & 2 Samuel 23:1-7 & 1 Kings 2:10-12 & 1 Chronicles 29:26-30 & Psalm 4 & Psalm 5 & Psalm 6 & Psalm 8 & Psalm 9 & Psalm 11

David has come to the end of his life and rule as king. It is time for Solomon to take the throne and begin his rule as king. It is strange, from at least my point of view the things that David left Solomon to do...maybe that was the way it was with kings in that day. David instructed Solomon to take care of those who had both treated him well, and those who treated him wrongly. David put a death warrant on both Joab and Shimei. This was probably done to clear the kingdom of any known people who had openly opposed the king. David also told Solomon to remember the family of Barzillal of Gilead who had taken care of the king during the attempted coup of Absalom.

The final advice that was given to Solomon was a call to take courage and live as a man. He needed to observe the requirements of the Lord and all His ways, in order to enjoy the success of the Lord. David reminded Solomon of the covenant that the Lord made with him...and that is was a conditional covenant, dependent upon the line of David keeping the commandments of the Lord. Sadly, the descendants of David would not keep their portion of the covenant and would bring judgment, rather than prosperity upon Israel. Our readings end with several Psalms of David... these are expressions of David's heart toward God and his own personal situation. They are rich in both truth and feelings...they speak to where we are today and the things that go on in our lives. I encourage you to let the Holy Spirit bathe you in these inspired words and bring healing to your souls.

Please share your thoughts and insights.

TOMORROW'S READINGS... Psalm 12-17 & 19-21

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