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MAY 19 READINGS...Psalm 79-82

Pride makes us think that the world revolves around us...and that everything belongs to us. Humility brings us to the place where we realize we really own nothing...all that is belongs to the Lord. The psalmist cries out to the Lord for the pagan, God deniers, have captured the land. The psalmist declares the eternal truth...the land belongs to God, and God gives the land to whoever He chooses. The people had relied on their possessions, and thought because they were in Jerusalem, and had their temple, they were safe. But they found out that Jerusalem could not protect them...and the temple could not restrain the raiding hordes. The blood of the people of Israel flowed freely in the streets...the bodies could not even be buried...and the wild animals feasted on the flesh. In defeat the people call out to God...realizing once again that God, and Him alone, was their salvation. Things cannot save...a land cannot save...meaningless worship in fancy buildings cannot save. We had better wake up folks...being an American does not guarantee churches cannot bring salvation...all of our bank accounts and possessions mean nothing when the hand of God's judgment falls on a people. We are under the judgment of God...we have yet to see the full impact of that judgment. Before long people will be calling out to God for help...but they cannot call out to a God they do not know, honor, or worship.

The Psalmist cries out for God to move in the hearts of the people...he asks God to turn them back to Him, and asks His face to shine on them once again. They were beginning to realize that it was not the invading armies that had brought about their destruction, but the fact that the Lord of Heaven's Armies was fighting against them. The people of God had rejected God...they had adulterated themselves with false gods...they were disobedient to God...and they had perverted His Word and His way. God speaks to His people and simple says, "Oh that My people would listen to Me! Oh, that Israel would follow me, walking in my paths!" The Lord had established a covenant with His people, and in it this is all He required...yet they were not even willing to do this. God is calling us back to Himself...He calls us to trust in Him alone, and to walk in His ways. But, we think we know better than we go our own way, in rejection of the Lord. Our world...our country...our communities...our churches...and our homes are in a mess, because we have rejected the Lord, and have gone our own way. Oh, that we would return to Him...trusting Him completely...worshiping Him with our whole heart...and walk in His ways. Oh Lord, let it be so!

Share your thoughts from today's readings. Keep your heart and mind on the Lord. He is calling out to us to just trust know that His way is the only way for us.

TOMORROW'S READING...Psalm 83 & 1 Chronicles 29:23-25 & 2 Chronicles 1:1 & 1 Kings 2:13-3:15 & 2 Chronicles 1:2-13

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