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MAY 18 READINGS...Psalm 75-78

Our God is a faithful David, I say thank you Lord for being always near. We have but to call on Your Name, and You are there. We bring all our requests to You...You hear...and You answer. I will praise Your Name. Our worlds shake with issues...many of which we have made ourselves...yet You come and stabilize our lives, so they do not fall apart. The foolish unbelievers laugh at us because we believe in You...they even dare to shake their fists at You, and say, "Where is your God? Who is He that we should fear Him?" They fail to see that You are the One true Judge of all mankind...and in folly declare that they will not fear You. But, like David, I will proclaim what God has done. I will sing His praises...for He is the God who will break the strength of the ungodly, and empower the godly. Who can stand against the Lord of Host? He is the Lord, great and mighty...and He is big enough to handle our questions...our fears...our doubts...and even our anger. For He is the Everlasting God!

In Psalm 78 the psalmist recounts for the people the great deeds of the Lord when He brought them out of the bondage of Egypt. The sea could not stop Him. When the people were thirsty the Lord made water come out of the rocks. He fed them "angel's food", manna. He brought quail and the people ate until they could eat no more. He stopped the armies of Egypt. He brought plagues upon His enemies, and caused them the crumble right before the eyes of Israel. Yet God's people are fickle...they went into disobedience and rebelled against the mighty God. How foolish to see the mighty works of God, and then quickly turn and become disobedient. Let's not be a fickle people. For we have seen the mighty hand of God in our lives. Let's stay before our God in humble worship and adoration. Let our mouths and our lives declare the glory of God. Praise be the Name of the Lord!

Please share your thoughts from today's readings. Keep your eyes and your hearts upon the goodness of the Lord. He loves you and is ever near. Call on His glorious Name and see the mighty work of the Lord in your life.


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