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MAY 14 READINGS...Psalm 103 & 108-110 & 122 & 124

David declares a continual theme in Psalms 103, 108, & 109...he does so by using the phrase, “unfailing love”, speaking of the amazing love of God. It is because of this incredible love that David with his whole heart and everything he is to praise the Lord! David talks of all the goodness that flows from God because of His unfailingly love. God forgives sin...heals our diseases...redeems us from death...fills our lives with good things...He gives righteousness...He has removed our sins from us, as far as the east is from the west. One of the wonderful things about God is that He is the perfect Father...tender and compassionate. He also knows we are made of dust...which means He understands our frailty...for which I am so glad. Like David I place my confidence in the Lord...this confidence brings me to a place of worship for the One who gives me His unfailing love.

David shares with us what to do when people curse us, and speak falsehoods against us. We are to give it to the Lord...for He is able to deal with them. God is our help, He is our refuge...He is our place of safety and security. We can know that even if others curse us, God will bless us. So, whose words are greater...the words of those who curse are powerless, while the words of God are powerful and life giving. The Lord sits us in high the place of honor, for we are His children. So, David is excited to be able to go into the house of the Lord. How bless we are to be able to gather with God’s other children in His church and worship Him for His unfailing love. As we close our readings David calls for the reader to pray for the peace of Jerusalem...and he calls them, and us, to do so for the Lord’s sake. Nothing seems to change, as today we see Jerusalem in turmoil. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem...and as we do we understand that there will be no peace until The Prince of Peace shall come...even so come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings...bless you all who are the children of God...praise Him!

TOMORROW’S READINGS...Psalm 131 & 133 & 138-141 & 143

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