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The Sanhedrin were learning that their condemnation and killing of Jesus stopped nothing. Now they were having to contend with the followers of Jesus. And these followers had a boldness, and power that were unexplainable. They became very upset with Peter and John preaching and teaching about the Resurrection of Jesus. I find that most religious, but lost, people become angry about the Resurrection, because it validates the claims of Jesus and destroys all man-made religions. Once again, like with Jesus, Annas and Caiaphas led the opposition against Jesus’ disciples. They asked Peter and John what authority they healed the lame man. The response was it is by the authority of…” Jesus of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, by Him (Jesus) this man stands before you whole”. They declare Jesus to be the Cornerstone rejected by the religious elite, and they proclaim that there is salvation in no other Name other than Jesus. The Sanhedrin demanded that Peter and John to stop preaching about Jesus. Peter and John said that they would obey God, rather than some temporal religious authority.

These things encouraged the other believers and they prayed to God for boldness to be His witnesses. Then we are told of the genuine community, fellowship, and family the church was becoming. They were together, unified by their faith in Jesus. They were not consumed by material things, but freely shared them with each other. They saw the Apostles giving great witness to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by the miracles they did in His Name. The Lord provided for all through His church, so that no one had a need that was not met. People brought what they had and laid it at the Apostle’s feet, then it was given to those with needs. We are told of a man named Joses Barnabas (the son of encouragement), who sold his land and brought the proceeds to be laid at the Apostle’s feet, to be used for the needs of the church community. It was an incredible time, but soon Satan would begin to work, even in the church, to try to destroy.

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